Dear supports and friends who are thinking about translating “The House In Fata Morgana" into your native language, or those who have already started your translation voluntarily.

First of all, we want to say thank you. Thank you for having interest in our work. We deeply appreciate your devotion.
NOVECT gladly accepts fan translations, but we have prepared this guideline in order to avoid conflicts.
Please refer to this guideline below before you start.

/When you want to translate a work by NOVECT, please let us know, if you don’t mind. We can provide the materials you might need to help you with the translation. We can also give you advice with the script code.

/Please use those materials ONLY for translating our game.
Please DO NOT share them on the internet, nor send them to a third person without our approval.

/We won’t be able to make any monetary compensation for fan translations. All we can do is to credit your names when your version is released, or to send you some small gifts personally (like a personalized drawing, official goods, and/or free download of our new game when it’s released)

/We can talk to MangaGamer, who is our publisher for Steam, to consider putting your translation on Steam. However, if you don’t want to release it on Steam, you can also just distribute it on your website in the form of a patch. Regardless of the method, we are grateful for your contribution to bring our game to a wider group of audience.

/Please DO NOT sell the patch when you distribute it on your website.
It is prohibited to sell our game data because of copyright issues.

/Once we have released your translation on Steam, we won’t be able to take it down easily.

/We will never rush you. We want you to prioritize your own life and your health. Take as much time as you need. When you get tired of translating, please take your time and rest. If it ever becomes your burden, or work becomes painful, you can also just quit. Since “The House in Fata Morgana" is a very long story, we won’t blame you for not completing the project. Just the fact that you have made the challenge, is enough for us.

Thank you for reading this.
We are grateful for your kind understanding.











Please note that there’s a possibility that this guideline may be updated depending on future circumstances.



Posted by NOVECT