Delivering fresh vegetables to your doorstep♪

We deliver carefully-selected organic vegetables from the French countryside nation-wide♪
"I haven't been feeling well lately..." "My kids won't eat vegetables..." "I'm worried about my health..." "I want to eat delicious vegetables..." If any of these describes your worries, just leave it to us!☆

Our thoroughly quality-vetted vegetables are filled not only with vitamins and carotene, but also rarer but important nutrients such as isoflurane and enflurane!
From tomorrow onwards, include our vegetables in your healthy lifestyle♪

Shocking same-day delivery to any country in the world! Please contact us through the request form below!

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This week's recommended vegetable

Parsnips (large set) 1,500 yen

Our store's recommendation, a large set of parsnips! Our parsnips are infamous for being so tasty you'll be knocked out♪ Recommended

Parsnips (set of 4) 1,000 yen

Set of 4 parsnips at a special price! A good size for a meal for one or two☆ Popular

Parsnip side dish 500 yen

Mashed parsnips made with love by our store manager♪ Tasty on its own, you can also use it in your cooking and baking!

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Store opened♪
We just opened so we only have parsnips (^_^;) We'll gradually improve our selections☆☆☆NEW
Store closed.NEW
This was our 2015 April Fools' project! Please download the minigame from the "Click here for mail order form" banner.
We hope you enjoy it!
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