"Tragedy shall strike any who resides in the mansion."

A Gothic suspense set in a cursed mansion.
"The House In Fatamorgana" is a full-length visual novel that deals with tragedy, human deeds and insanity. Since released in 2012, news of the game has been gradually spread by word of mouth, but now has gotten featured on various overseas media.

The further you go with the story the more unpredictable the story becomes, with beautiful artworks in a gothic heavy atmosphere, and with 65 tracks composed by 5 energetic composers to draw you into the game. We hope you'll enjoy our 4 years of hard work and development.

GenreF visual sound novel
PlayersF single player
Play timeF about 20 hoursiamount of text: 3Mj
EndingsF 8 endings + Dead ends

¡@The House In Fatamorgana
Genre@F@Gothic suspense
The full-length story that "you" play as someone who has lost their memory as well as trying to unlock the mystery of the cursed mansion.

"OsusumeI Doujin-game of the year 2012 for Novel and ADV" The Best Game of this year and other 9 categories
gDoujin-Software Marathon Contest C83h First Prize

Official Website: http://novect.net
Mail to: novectacle@gmail.com
Twitter: @novectacle

The press kit for media.
You can down load it from here.

yTrial versionz
The English version released at bitsummit!
You can download it from here.
Chapter 1 and 2 are included in this trial version.

¦The trial version is subject to changes. It is still under development.

Novectacle is a original production team, also known as a circle in the Japanese indie/doujin industry.
We mainly work on visual novels and have released other games besides "The House in Fatamorgana". Our focus on these games are primarily music and having many vocal songs in them.
Our next challenge is having "The House in Fatamorgana" localized in cooperation with PLAYISM(Active Gaming Media Co.). Please look forward to this and your support will be of great help to us.

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